Apex takes a break

2014 events postponed for 12 months

Due to unforeseen circumstances, this year's Apex Challenge events have been postponed until 2015.

It has been a very difficult decision to delay our next events and you can read more about why here and we hope you can understand why we have had to postpone them.

We hope you have a great year, packed with other adventures, and look forward to seeing you in 2015!

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Latest annual report

Our latest annual report looks back at the Apex Challenge events held during 2013. You can enjoy reading about our two main events and everything else the event team worked on during the year as well as find out how much it costs to stage our competitions.

Wear it out!

Thanks for all your entries into the 2013 Wear It Out competition.

We have had loads of photos sent in of you wearing your 2013 Apex T-shirts somewhere adventurous. The best one wins a prize.

You can see the pictures on our Facebook page and the winner will be announced soon.

Find out how Apex works

aboutTwo Apex Challenge events are staged each year. They combine thrilling outdoor activities with demanding navigation. More details.

Next event dates

Plans for 2015:
We are working on new dates for our next events at Bramham Park and in the Peak District and will confirm them later this year.

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Watch our latest videos

Our film crew was out at the spring 2013 event. Check out this video to see the whole weekend crammed into just four minutes.

This two minute compilation includes some of the highlights of our events in the last few years.