Spring 2012 event - Activity bases

This table shows how many teams made it to each of the activity bases and other controls.

Activity Bases
Number of Visits
ADuck Busters (Most easterly pond)5049
BWet 'n' Wild (Lake)5046
CTotal Shambles (Old quarry)5075
DAll The Fun Of The Fair (Grass area)5071
EThe Big Puzzle (Small plantation)5077
FMud, Sweat And Gears (Field corner)5070
GSupersledge (Grassy slope)5069
HOn Target (Woodland track)5030
JTower Up (Disused water tower)5074
KThe Energy Centre (Roundhouse)5058
LMinefield (Track over stream)5053
MUFO Frisbee (Edge of field)5081
NEx-streamly Remote (Track over stream)5064
PTemple Lockdown (Mysterious temple)5074

N.B. There was no base I to avoid confusion with number 1 or base O to avoid confusion with letter D.

Control Points
Number of Visits
01Fence corner1032
02Log over stream1026
03Below rocky outcrop2536
04Behind tree525
05Tiny archway1526
06Natural bridge over stream3036
07Charred tree stump529
08Up tree527
09Wooden fence corner1069
10Under bridge1531
11Tree over ruined wall2034
14Ruined building2047
15Dip in the ground2050
16Dead tree1029
17Fallen log2016
18Pond - south side2542
19Brick foundations3035
20Obelisk - south side3068
21Large trees by gate2541
22Stream junction3024
23Brick foundations2522
24Watery hole in the wall2548
25Under pylon3027
B1Bonus control 1055
B2Bonus control 2064
X1Apex chaser 1-254
X2Apex chaser 2-253
X3Apex chaser 3-251
X4Apex chaser 4-250


Event Map

Event Map

Reproduced from the 2010 Explorer 289 map, by permission of Ordnance Survey on behalf of the controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office.

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