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How to enter

An Apex Challenge team.

The Apex Challenge returns in 2021. Here are the details of when and how you can register your team. Make sure you have the dates noted:

  • Date TBC: Entries open
  • Date TBC: Entries close

Registering your team

From the entries opening date you can visit the online entry form and register your team. Places will be allocated first-come, first-served as teams pay for their places.

You should pay for your team's entry as soon as you sign up. You must pay the entry fee within seven days of registering your details or the entry will be removed from the website. If you still want to take part after seven days you will need to re-register.

Paying for your team is via our secure online payment page operated by PayPal. You will need to pay your entry fee of £160 plus £8 for each T-shirt ordered. Payment is accepted by either PayPal account or credit or debit card.

Once you have entered your card details you will get a receipt from PayPal and we will automatically get confirmation that you have paid. When we receive that confirmation your team details will move into the 'Confirmed' section of our team list page. Occasionally there is short delay in PayPal sending us your confirmation. If this is the case your details will appear in the 'payments pending' section of the team list.

Once all the available places in our event have been paid for the online system will not allow any other teams to pay for their places, even if this is before the closing date. Any further teams that sign up can go onto a waiting list who will be invited to take up any places that become available before the closing date if other teams withdraw.

If further places become available and no teams on the waiting list can take them, the online entry form will automatically reopen for new teams to register.

It would be great to offer places in the event to an unlimited number of teams but that simply isn't possible. Although we appreciate that paying for your place can be a little rushed and stressful for teams trying to get a place, it is the fairest way of giving everyone the same chance of registering to take part. Good luck!

T-shirt orders

If you want to order this year's exclusive Apex Challenge T-shirts, you must place your order before entries close. You can add them to your team's entry at any time before that date and pay for them online.

Entries close

At 8pm on Tuesday 22 September entries will close, even if all places in the event have not been sold. This is necessary to give the Apex team time to prepare everything for the event. After entries close it will still be possible to edit your team member details but no team names can be changed after this date.

The entry form

When you register the entry form will ask for the following details. Please complete it as fully as possible, but it will be possible to log in and change details later:

  • A team name (Make sure you make up a good one!)
  • The name of your unit (This is usually the name of your Explorers or Scout Network group.)
  • The web address of your unit website so we can put a link to it on our site.
  • Your county.
  • Which competition you are entering, either Explorers or Network.
  • The names, genders, email addresses and mobile numbers of all four team members.
  • Details of how many exclusive Apex Challenge T-shirts you would like to order. (£8 each). They come in sizes S, M, L and XL.
  • The name and contact details of a responsible adult (over 18, and usually a Scout leader) who will be responsible for the team during the event and whether they will be attending the weekend or sending the team with an event passport but giving us 24 hour contact details instead.

You will need to think of a password you can use to keep your details up-to-date if anything changes before the event. You will also be asked to read and agree to the 'Life at Apex' statement which sets out what behaviour is expected from teams during the weekend.

Withdrawing from the event

If you have paid for your team, but later on need to withdraw from the event please let us know. We will offer your team's place to those other teams on our waiting list. If we are able to replace your team we will issue a refund.

Teams that withdraw after the event closing date cannot receive a refund as it is too late for us to replace the team with another.

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