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Kit list

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It is important every member of your team is properly kitted out for the Apex Challenge. You need to have the correct gear as well as the correct skills to cope with tricky navigation both during the day and at night. Random spot checks of kit may occur during the weekend.

Each team needs to provide its own camping accommodation. You will get chance to pitch this in the start area once you've signed in. So obviously as well as a tent, everyone will also need a sleeping bag and mat.

We will be providing food for most of the weekend but you need to provide your own packed lunch for Saturday. You should also bring along a good stash of snacks, chocolate bars, energy food and drinks to have during the weekend.

For the Saturday stage of the event, each member of your team will need a rucksack with the usual kit that you'd take on a hike in open country:

Saturday: Personal equipment

  • Strong footwear - walking boots for tough terrain (normal trainers are not suitable).
  • Waterproofs - jacket AND trousers.
  • Food for that stage of the event - you'll need to bring a packed lunch for Saturday and also a range of snacks for the other stages of the competition.
  • Plenty to drink - we have a limited drinking water supply at this event, so please bring some bottles of water and other drinks for you to enjoy during the weekend.
  • A reusable mug - we have some disposable cups available but we are trying to reduce how much we rely on single-use items.
  • Warm clothes - it is likely to be cold and windy in October - so as well as warm fleeces and jackets, a hat and gloves should be carried.
  • Torch - with spare batteries. Head torches are best.
  • Mobile phone (if you have one). Make sure your number is written on your consent form before you arrive in case we need to contact you during the event in an emergency.
  • Charging cable for your phone. We will have a limited number of spaces available to charge phones during the weekend but we have no spare cables.
  • Money. We will have some spare T-shirts for sale at £8 each.
  • Hand sanitiser gel.

Saturday: Team equipment

  • Compass - and know how to use it!
  • Survival bag - orange plastic type is suitable.
  • First aid kit - one per team.
  • Water - due to a limited water supply at the site, we recommend each team brings a minimum of four litres of drinking water with them.

Sunday: Personal equipment

This year, Sunday will involve the Apex adventure race. It’s a linear route with obstacles that you can choose to run, jog or walk round. The idea is to travel fast and light around the course. You’re likely to get wet.

  • Running shoes - ideally something with a bit of grip for running off road.
  • Shorts/T-shirt - it is up to you what you wear for this but you might want to go for the shorts option if it's not too cold.

You'll also need for the weekend:

  • Several changes of clothes – you can expect to get pretty muddy and wet during the weekend’s adventures so please make sure you have several full changes of clothes in your tent.
  • Wash kit and towel - it’s possible that you’ll get wet and muddy during some of the activities. A full wash kit with soap and a towel will help speed up your recovery.
  • Some extra cash - we will have exclusive Apex hoodies, neckers and other merchandise available from event centre. There is also a cafe on site should you wish to buy any extra drinks and sweets etc.

We will supply all maps along with any specialist equipment you might need for any of the weekend's activities.

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