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Life at Apex

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The Apex Challenge is a fun and relaxed event where socialising and enjoying the experience is as important as the adventure and activities.

With so many people at the event, it's important everyone agrees to the following simple rules for the benefit of all our competitors, supporters and the local community.

  • A named adult (over 18) will be responsible for all young people from their group for the duration of the competition. If explorer teams attend using an event passport, without an adult leader, a named adult still needs to be contactable throughout the event.
  • Absolutely no-one under the age of 18 is to consume any alcohol or use any other intoxicating substances at an Apex Challenge event.
  • Teams must respect the fact that many competitors and supporters would like to sleep at the event. Noise should be kept to an absolute minimum once activities have ceased for the night.
  • During free periods, teams must not leave the event site without permission from the Apex Challenge team at event centre.
  • All teams must respect the environment where the event is being held. Litter should always be put in bins on the site, and carried with you in the playing area. No-one competing in Apex Challenge events should cause any damage or harm to walls, fences, trees or livestock.

Any teams breaking these rules may be asked to immediately leave the event, and their whole group could be banned from future competitions. Thanks for helping us make the Apex Challenge a great experience for everyone.

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