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2018 T-shirt design

T-Shirt Design

Don't forget to buy your T-shirt!

This is the exclusive souvenir T-shirt that is available for teams taking part in our competition in 2018.

The exclusive garment features, for the first time, the date and location of the event which is on 5-7 October at Bramham Park in West Yorkshire in a turqoise motif on the front of the garment.

On the back of the T-shirt will be the name of every team taking part in the event - something we have never done before - and which makes it an even better sourvenir of your weekend at Apex.

You can pre-order your T-shirts for just £8 each when you register for the event. If you didn't order one when you registered your team originally then you can add them onto your entry later. Click your team on the team list page and use your password to edit your details and order them. There will be a limited number available for sale at the event as well.

Sizing guide

  • Small - 34/36 inch chest (86-91cm)
  • Medium - 38/40 inch chest (97-102cm)
  • Large - 42/44 inch chest (107-112cm)>
  • XL - 46/48 inch chest (117-122cm)

Shawcross PrintersWe're able to offer you them at the fantastic price of just £8 thanks to Shawcross Printers of Wakefield who have agreed to make them up for us at a special rate.

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T-shirt design

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