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Autumn 2003 event - Facts and figures

Looking back at where everyone went, The Grovel (weaselling) activity base got the most visitors with 24 teams making it there. But it wasn't the most popular . that was Disco Fever - your chance to put your best feet forward.

Perhaps it took most people by surprise, wandering around a bleak bit of Peak District moorland to find a tent with a television disco dancing kit set up inside. Not your average outdoor Scouting activity. There were even prizes of bright pink pom poms to be had from the base for the dancers who managed to get the most number of steps right.

The tables below tell you how many teams made it to each of the main activity bases as well as the other controls.

Activity Bases
Number of Visits
A The Grovel 24
B Dual Ascent 22
C Up And Over 21
D Bomb Disposal 16
E Get Down 19
F Quarry Quandary 11
G Righting The Rung 18
H Disco Fever 23
J Fast Lane 20

N.B. There was no base I to avoid confusion with number 1

Control Points
Number of Visits
1 North end of outcrop - under boulder 21
2 Large boulder - West side 14
3 Most Easterly grouse butt 8
5 Small butt 24
6 Wall corner 9
10 Large boulder - East side 11
11 Forest corner - up tree 18
13 Between track and crag edge 19
14 Up lone tree 17
15 By fence 17
17 Wall corner 17
19 Small post 19

N.B. A number of controls had to be removed from the original list of 20 at short notice.
That explains why they appear to be numbered so randomly!

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