Autumn 2007 Results

Spiney In Your Ass

Woodseats Scout Unit (South Yorkshire)

Team Photo
Event Overview
Event Points
Saturday: The Main Event845
Saturday: Night Out110
Sunday Scramble 565
Finishing 1st out of 55
Friday: The Glow Company Challenge
Time taken Finishing Position
09:594 out of 62
Saturday: The Main Event
Start time End time DurationDistanceAverage speed
10:05:0316:43:526:3817.00 km 2.56 km/h

You collected points by completing 12 of the main activity bases including Crate Expectations and Apex Egg-Stream. You returned within the seven hours allowed, so avoided getting any time penalties.

19Where path crosses stream - up tree5
KCrate Expectations (River valley - East of path)50
HApex Egg-Stream (Wall - North of footpath)50
14Stream junction10
12Skirtful Spring20
FBear Grylls "Rescue Me" (Lower Lanshaw Dam)50
9Stream junction10
EBig Bang (High Lanshaw Dam)50
7Cluster of rocks20
AThe Ascent (Cow & Calf quarry)50
1Easterly Tip of Woodland - up tree20
2River Bend30
CHose the Best? (Water shoot, valley bottom)50
BCragtop Cracker (Ilkley Crags)50
3Forest - SE corner - up tree25
8Most Easterly grouse butt25
10Against wall15
11Wall corner10
DTwelve Apostles (Stone circle)50
GFire Starter (Wall/path crossing)50
X2Spring South of Wicking Crag30
16Below small crag10
JSponge (Forest - NE corner)50
MHanging' On (Spy Hill Quarry)50
20By wall - under power lines10
LBloc Party (Moorland - NW of road)50
18Field corner - by path junction5

Route map

Saturday: Night Out

Your Saturday night out started at 21:00. You chose to buy no balloons from the red shop. You bought a further 12 balloons from the black shop costing you 240 points. You chose to buy no balloons from the blue shop. Along the way you had 5 of your cargo popped, meaning you arrived back at base with 7 intact.

Description Quantity Points Total
Red Balloon Shop0-20 0
Black Balloon Shop12-20240
Blue Balloon Shop0-20 0
The Sunday Scramble
Time into activity zone Time out of activity zone Duration
11:21:0013:17:00 1:56
1Inflatable Obstacle CourseYES50
2Cannon RunNO0
3Mountain Bike CourseYES50
4Minefield ChallengeYES50
5Ammo Tin RescueYES50
6Minefield DecoderYES50
7Rowing BoatsYES50
8Rolling RocksYES50
9Pumping WaterYES50
10Log CarryingYES50

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