Autumn 2007 Results

Team Xtreme!!

Woodseats Scout Unit (South Yorkshire)

Team Photo
Event Overview
Event Points
Saturday: The Main Event727
Saturday: Night Out-80
Sunday Scramble 427
Finishing 1st out of 7
Friday: The Glow Company Challenge
Time taken Finishing Position
12:4512 out of 62
Saturday: The Main Event
Start time End time DurationDistanceAverage speed
10:11:0717:12:407:114.92 km 2.12 km/h

You collected points by completing 10 of the main activity bases including Bloc Party and Fire Starter. You lost 8 points because you stayed out for longer than the seven hours allowed.

19Where path crosses stream - up tree5
18Field corner - by path junction5
LBloc Party (Moorland - NW of road)50
15Boundary stone10
GFire Starter (Wall/path crossing)50
DTwelve Apostles (Stone circle)50
11Wall corner10
10Against wall15
8Most Easterly grouse butt25
3Forest - SE corner - up tree25
BCragtop Cracker (Ilkley Crags)50
CHose the Best? (Water shoot, valley bottom)50
2River Bend30
1Easterly Tip of Woodland - up tree20
AThe Ascent (Cow & Calf quarry)50
4Beneath rocky outcrop10
7Cluster of rocks20
EBig Bang (High Lanshaw Dam)50
X1Stream junction East of High Lanshaw Dam30
9Stream junction10
FBear Grylls "Rescue Me" (Lower Lanshaw Dam)50
12Skirtful Spring20
HApex Egg-Stream (Wall - North of footpath)50
KCrate Expectations (River valley - East of path)50

Route map

Saturday: Night Out

Your Saturday night out started at 21:00. You chose to buy no balloons from the red shop. You chose to buy no balloons from the black shop. You bought an additional 4 balloons from the blue shop costing you another 80 points. Along the way you had 4 of your cargo popped, meaning you arrived back at base with nothing but empty pieces of string.

Description Quantity Points Total
Red Balloon Shop0-20 0
Black Balloon Shop0-200
Blue Balloon Shop4-20 80
The Sunday Scramble
Time into activity zone Time out of activity zone Duration
10:37:0012:24:00 1:47
1Inflatable Obstacle CourseYES50
2Cannon RunYES50
3Mountain Bike CourseNO0
4Minefield ChallengeYES50
5Ammo Tin RescueYES50
6Minefield DecoderNO0
7Rowing BoatsYES50
8Rolling RocksYES50
9Pumping WaterYES50
10Log CarryingYES50

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