Autumn 2008 Results

If In Doubt, Follow The Sheep

Woodseats Scout Unit (South Yorkshire)

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Event Overview
Event Points
Friday: Apex Intense80
Saturday: The Main Event1005
Saturday: Glow Company Grab40
Sunday: Sunday Scramble780
Friday: Apex Intense
Start time End time Duration
Control Description Time Points
F28Sharp bend in river.23:50:4620
F25Against fence - woodland slide.23:56:0630
F31Tree by track junction.00:03:5530
F32Stream bed South of track.01:04:2620
F24Derelict building East of track.01:08:3920
Not Banked01:12:35
Saturday: The Main Event
Start time End time DurationDistanceAverage speed
10:56:5817:36:23 06:39 15.48 km 2.33 km/h

You collected points by completing 13 of the main activity bases including Streamline. You returned within the seven hours allowed, so avoided getting any time penalties.

Control Description Time Points
27Where two streams join.11:08:0310
PStreamline (Path crosses Stockland Beck.)11:15:1150
22River bend.11:19:4220
18South edge of track.11:29:2030
14Fence post beside chopped logs.11:37:5515
KGo Gorilla! (Forest by track corner.)11:44:5850
HTennis Tower (Tower on track corner.)11:51:1450
11Path crosses stream by silver birch tree.11:53:5815
12Track junction.12:05:3030
GMower Motors (Track junction.)12:12:3250
CDream Stream (Track crosses Hipperley Beck.)12:32:2550
BOn The Ropes (Track junction.)12:41:3050
3West of track - up tree.12:46:4425
1North of track bend.12:51:4630
6Water trough in trees.13:00:2515
FSlingshot (Track junction.)13:10:2450
2100m North of ford - in river bed.13:38:5330
APower Boat (Pool below waterfall.)13:58:0550
4By disused rope swing.14:03:2920
EDerwent Dares (Joining of two rivers.)14:24:3450
8Large oak tree West of path.14:28:2325
10Where stream meets river.14:33:4820
JMinesweeper (Stile by bottom of field.)14:58:4550
9Trig point.15:07:3030
13Against signposts.15:21:2215
MSlope Of Doom (Pile of rocks)15:48:5250
LGreat Egg Rescue (Footbridge.)16:06:1150
NZipline (Beside track.)16:37:4250
25Against fence - woodland side.16:49:365
28Sharp bend in river.16:52:085
24Derelict building East of track.00:00:005
30Beside track.00:00:0010

Route map

Saturday: Glow Company Grab
Glowsticks collected PointsTotal
The Sunday Scramble
Description Quantity Points Total
Incongruous Items1010100
You found the following incongruous items: Petrol Can, Globe, Surf Board, Shell, Picture, Hard Hat, Mask, CD, Swing, Hot Air Balloon.
Apex Accumulator7320

Match Match Match Match Match Match Match

Mind Games520100
The Final Assault260

The Final Assault

Congratulations, you arrived at the Final Assault checkpoint within the time limit so you do not lose any points.

Start time End time Duration (Mins)RankingPoints
11:55:3712:00:1004:336 260

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