Autumn 2011 Results

Hannah And Her Merry Men

Woodseats Venture Unit (South Yorkshire)

Team Photo
Event Overview
Event Points
Friday: Apex Super Sprint300
Saturday: Main Event1020
Sunday: Apex Apocalypse475
Sunday: The Final Assault348
Saturday: The Main Event
Start time End time DurationDistanceAverage speed
10:21:1017:34:04 07:12:54 21 km 3 km/h
Control Description Time Points
QGO BALLISTIC (Clearing north of road)10:36:1450
27Forest corner - up tree10:39:0310
22Stream bed10:47:3110
JACID MARSH (Open clearing)10:56:2550
NTOP GEAR (Field)11:16:5250
26Patch of grass with small tree11:20:3110
20Oak tree north of path11:39:0015
KSUPERSLEDGE (Yorkgate Quarry)11:44:5250
PON TARGET (Rough field north of road)11:54:1150
MTOWER UP (Clearing by path junction)12:03:2250
21Small cave12:06:5215
19Fence corner12:23:0820
14Ruined wall meets ruined fence12:31:3420
09Nature reserve sign12:41:3420
06Five trunk tree - south side12:48:1220
04Under bench12:57:1930
01Derelict jetty13:06:1030
BUP AND OVER (Scout Hut)13:19:4050
05Derelict garages13:22:5320
02Wicke's newsagents13:30:4825
03Berry bush13:40:1520
AMINEFIELD (Playing field - south west corner)13:54:3450
CRING MY BELL (2nd Otley Scout Hut)14:19:4150
07Fence corner - south of footbridge14:31:3420
11By gate14:37:1915
FCRAZY PIZZAS (Clearing west of White House)14:52:0050
15Wall corner15:02:5820
HTHE ASCENT (Large crag face)15:22:5820
10Forest corner - up tree15:43:5515
17Under bridge15:49:4310
12Small tree in big clearing15:58:5220
EGET DOWN (Caley Crags)No Time50
13Split-trunk tree - east sideNo Time15
18Amongst bouldersNo Time15
DBOULDER DASH (Chevin Boulders)No Time50
LACID MARSH (Open clearing)No Time50

Route map

Sunday: Apex Apocalypse
Start time End time Duration
Number Fugitive (Zone) Time Points
F3-1Nick O. Time09:43:4320
F1-5Earl Lee Riser09:47:4230
F3-4Russell Leeves09:59:2120
F3-2Oliver Sutton10:02:4320
F3-3P. Ness10:03:2020
F3-7Warren Peace10:06:1420
F3-6Tim Burr10:17:0520
F2-7Mark Skid10:32:2425
F2-5Kent C. Strait10:33:0625
F2-2Hugh Jass10:40:5125
F2-4Jed Dye11:00:5825
F2-3Ivan Oder11:28:0425
F2-6Laura Norder11:31:0325
F1-3Chris P. Bacon12:19:3830
F1-4Dan Saul Knight12:21:4330
F1-1Alf A. Romeo12:32:4430
F1-6Forest Green12:48:4030
F1-2Barb Dwyer12:52:2330
F2-1Gene Pole13:08:4925
Sunday: Final Assault
Start time End time DurationRankingPoints

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