Autumn 2011 Results

Peeping Tom's

Peeping Tom's Network (City of Coventry)

Team Photo
Event Overview
Event Points
Friday: Apex Super Sprint300
Saturday: Main Event941
Sunday: Apex Apocalypse310
Sunday: The Final Assault332
Saturday: The Main Event
Start time End time DurationDistanceAverage speed
10:51:2117:52:10 07:00:49 19 km 3 km/h
Control Description Time Points
30Between trees and fence10:54:085
29Behind bus stop10:57:005
28Dead tree11:00:055
25Four-trunk tree11:03:435
24Berry tree by pylon11:06:065
18Amongst boulders11:22:2715
DBOULDER DASH (Chevin Boulders)11:32:0050
13Split-trunk tree - east side11:44:0515
EGET DOWN (Caley Crags)12:04:0550
GGONE FISHING (Short crag/boulder)12:29:1350
12Small tree in big clearing12:35:2520
17Under bridge12:42:1310
16Fence - west end of car park12:51:245
10Forest corner - up tree12:54:2815
03Berry bush13:24:0420
AMINEFIELD (Playing field - south west corner)13:39:2150
02Wicke's newsagents13:59:2125
CRING MY BELL (2nd Otley Scout Hut)14:30:4850
01Derelict jetty14:45:2730
05Derelict garages14:57:4620
07Fence corner - south of footbridge15:00:0920
11By gate15:03:2915
04Under bench15:31:1230
06Five trunk tree - south side15:35:4120
09Nature reserve sign15:39:3720
19Fence corner15:49:0320
MTOWER UP (Clearing by path junction)16:01:0450
21Small cave16:04:0215
KSUPERSLEDGE (Yorkgate Quarry)16:24:1950
PON TARGET (Rough field north of road)No Time50
26Patch of grass with small treeNo Time10
NTOP GEAR (Field)No Time50
JACID MARSH (Open clearing)No Time50
22Stream bedNo Time10
23East of trig point - up treeNo Time5
LACID MARSH (Open clearing)No Time50
27Forest corner - up treeNo Time10

Route map

Sunday: Apex Apocalypse
Start time End time Duration
Number Fugitive (Zone) Time Points
F3-1Nick O. Time09:52:5720
F3-6Tim Burr10:03:2920
F2-5Kent C. Strait10:20:2625
F2-6Laura Norder10:26:5725
F1-4Dan Saul Knight10:43:3730
F1-3Chris P. Bacon10:50:4930
F1-6Forest Green10:51:1030
F1-1Alf A. Romeo10:56:4230
F1-2Barb Dwyer11:12:4330
F2-7Mark Skid11:25:0925
F3-3P. Ness12:45:3120
F2-2Hugh Jass12:53:2525
Sunday: Final Assault
Start time End time DurationRankingPoints

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