Autumn 2012 Results

Explorer Competition
Team Name Unit Name County
1The Big Fact HuntEndurance ESU Leicestershire2286
2Three Muppets And A MidgetWoodseats Explorer Scout Unit South Yorkshire2269
3Team VanquishExU South Yorkshire2205
4Sons Of PitchesApollo ESU Leicestershire2157
5Fluffy Bush BangersNorfolk District Explorers South Yorkshire2140
6Jessica EnnisHalifax Sea Scouts West Yorkshire2125
7Mo FarahHalifax Sea Scouts West Yorkshire2116
8Oops... I Dropped The SoapSir Edmond's X Unit South Yorkshire2092
9Revenge Of The RhinosRadford Rhino Explorer Unit City of Coventry2025
10Multiple ScorgasmsUEXB Explorers South Yorkshire2023
11PandaMoniumOrion Explorer Scout Unit Solihull1992
12The FellowshipDenbigh Explorer Scouts Clwyd1958
13The Justice LeagueTunnel Rats ESU Northamptonshire1957
14Temple RunnersMolescroft Explorer Unit Humberside1944
15ExploraladorasBerkswell Bears ESU City of Coventry1928
16Y Ddraig GochDenbigh Explorer Scouts Clwyd1924
17Otley Parish Mad Cow OneOtley Parish West Yorkshire1923
18The JohnysGriffin Derbyshire1885
19Albino Polar BearsBerkswell Bears ESU City of Coventry1838
20Three Genius And A Chav, InnitBarnsley Explorer Unit South Yorkshire1838
21Go TeamRadford Rhino Explorer Unit City of Coventry1830
22Rebel RunnersMolescroft Explorer Unit Humberside1827
23Her PeasPegasus Harrogate North Yorkshire1822
24The Double 'D'sGemini Explorers Nottinghamshire1820
25Whoop Whoop Whoop Whoop!Brinsworth ESU South Yorkshire1811
26There's Always One!Orion ESU Derbyshire1809
27Sammy's SquadApollo ESU Leicestershire1797
28Olympian 2Bracknell Royal Berkshire1794
29ShamblesPeak District Shambles ESU Derbyshire1785
30Ivory ToastSENS Greater Manchester West1758
31SandwichTridents - Phoenix ESU City of Coventry1756
32LiL' Sue's Buff CrewOrion ESU Derbyshire1750
33Alien Valor EyeAire Valley Explorers West Yorkshire1735
34Pegasus 2Pegasus Harrogate North Yorkshire1727
35Olympian 1Bracknell Royal Berkshire1724
36Southern & We Know It #WIGGLE2 Tons ESU Cambridgeshire1721
37Sabre 2Sabre Explorer Scouts Cheshire1688
38Tidybang TerriersDon District ESU South Yorkshire1683
39Aunty Mazza's CrewScunthorpe Explorers Humberside1679
40Alpha Wolf Ninja SquadronPeyton Explorers North Yorkshire1639
41The Four CoughsEndurance ESU Leicestershire1614
42Rattus RattusTunnel Rats ESU Northamptonshire1613
43OBCTRufford Explorers Nottinghamshire1612
44Definitely No Cheese In A CanPeak District Shambles ESU Derbyshire1574
45ApricotsRadford Rhino Explorer Unit City of Coventry1570
46Wacky Waving Inflatable MenKeighley Central ESU West Yorkshire1568
47Super Magic Mushroom ForceTunnel Rats ESU Northamptonshire1566
48Where's The F In Cowboys?Anvil Explorers ESU South Yorkshire1528
49Thunder DucksEndurance ESU Leicestershire1504
50Zeus On The LooseOlympus Explorers Derbyshire1489
51Insert Witty Innuendo HereDon District ESU South Yorkshire1470
52Scruffy Looking NerfherdersCenturion ESU Durham1419
53MmmmmmmmmThe Goonies ESU Central Yorkshire1397
54Otley Parish Mad Cow TwoOtley Parish West Yorkshire1368
55Got Any GrapesThe Goonies ESU Central Yorkshire1366
56Phoenix KnightsPhoenix ESU Derbyshire1365
57Sofa King MadnessEagles North Yorkshire1354
58Phoenix FlyersPhoenix ESU Derbyshire1347
59Red KiteRoundhay Red Kite ESU Central Yorkshire1343
60Save A Ship, Ride A PirateApollo ESU Leicestershire1340
61Big Super Happy Fun Fun SquadTame Valley Explorers Greater Manchester East1316
62Tarn WhoppersBarnsley Explorer Unit South Yorkshire1301
63Is It In YetSENS Greater Manchester West1286
64Sausage FestHillsborough Explorers South Yorkshire1264
65Fairies Next GenerationHornsea Explorer Scout Unit Humberside1257
66Compare The MeerkatsMolescroft Explorer Unit Humberside1254
67Mario and his HoseAnvil Explorers ESU South Yorkshire1229
68Jesters ReloadedHornsea Explorer Scout Unit Humberside1216
69Sabre 1Sabre Explorer Scouts Cheshire1211
70Something AwesomePhoenix Explorers South Yorkshire1204
71Let The Wookies WinCenturion ESU Durham1202
72Retreating Invisible CowsMinotaurs ESU City of Coventry1201
73Darwen DestroyersDDESU East Lancashire1195
74Sharks Bite BackSharks ESU City of Coventry1166
75Up For ItPolaris Explorers Derbyshire1162
76Rasta PastaPhoenix Explorers South Yorkshire1160
77Not So Jamaican Bobsleigh TeamKeighley Central ESU West Yorkshire1125
78The League Of ShadowsDraco Explorer Scout Unit Derbyshire1119
79Useless In StyleRotherham District Explorers South Yorkshire1117
80Tutu TitansHornsea Explorer Scout Unit Humberside1080
81GrrrrEndurance ESU Leicestershire1036
82Phoenix Ninja SquirrelsPhoenix ESU Derbyshire1001
83TeletubbiesEndurance ESU Leicestershire977
84We Are Dora's The ExplorersOrion Explorer Scout Unit Solihull956
85Dora's Awesome FoursomePegasus Harrogate North Yorkshire913
86I Got An 'A' In PhysicalPeak District Shambles ESU Derbyshire827
87The Four SkinsEagles North Yorkshire792
882nd ChanceHornsea ESU Humberside778
89Pretty ToughSENS Greater Manchester West676
90No Sam, It's Mine!Barnsley Explorer Unit South Yorkshire515
Network Competition
Team Name Unit Name County
1The Four MuskequeersNorfolk District Network South Yorkshire1933
2The Big Test IciclesThe Goonies Network Central Yorkshire1840
3Cooked GooseSilverwood Network South Yorkshire1626
4Bramshill NinjasBramshill Scout Network Hampshire1513
5Ay Up Me DuckAy Up Me Duck Network Derbyshire1470
6Armed Flying Mortal Penguins 2Phoenix ESU (Network) South Yorkshire1367
7S.C.U.MQuest & Fusion Network Derbyshire1241
8The Hot(elliers)Alty Towers Scout Network Greater Manchester West1113

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