Autumn 2013 Results

Don't Be A Fool! Wrap It!

Halifax Sea Scouts
West Yorkshire

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Event Overview
Event Points
Friday: Enemy Beacons340
Saturday: Gaining Ground1275
Sunday: Minefield735
Sunday: Storm The Fort388
Finishing 1st out of 84
Friday: Enemy Beacons
Control Description Time Points
F10Pit in clearing.22:31:4410
F9Fence corner.22:32:4920
F12Against fence. East side.22:34:3530
F11Path junction.22:37:3940
F8Concrete plinth.22:44:4310
F10Pit in clearing.22:53:0610
F9Fence corner.22:54:0920
F12Against fence. East side.22:55:4530
F11Path junction.22:58:2140
F8Concrete plinth.23:03:0410
F10Pit in clearing.23:09:2210
F9Fence corner.23:10:2320
F12Against fence. East side.23:12:0730
F11Path junction.23:14:1940
F8Concrete plinth.23:19:2410
F8Concrete plinth.23:26:5110
Saturday: Gaining Ground
Start time End time DurationDistanceAverage speed
11:29:4517:23:50 05:54:05 17 km 2.8 km/h
Control Description Time Points
10Pit in clearing.11:32:4710
09Fence corner.11:33:5415
EKeeping A Log (Wooded area.)11:54:4450
HIsland Attack (Large boggy pond.)12:10:2150
23Enclosure. South-west corner.12:13:1220
B2Power boost 2.12:15:340
FAim And Fire (Open ground by car park.)12:31:4250
JOn Target (Shooting range.)12:47:4850
18Twin trunk tree.12:53:2830
14Behind golf tee.13:00:0320
17Fence by gateway.13:02:5715
21Small pit.13:09:2830
25Large shelter. North end.13:24:5820
27Fence corner.13:32:0430
28Fence corner.13:38:2930
MTake Shelter (Large metal shelter.)14:07:0150
29Path junction. Up tree.14:12:4025
KBletchley (Concrete bunker.)14:32:4250
26Small pond. West end.14:35:4325
30Small dip.14:44:4930
LBarrow Boy (By watch-tower.)15:12:2150
24Drainage ditch.15:16:5525
22Fence by gateway.15:20:2520
15Tree by path junction.15:30:1025
20By gate.15:39:4425
16Fence. South-west corner.15:44:5025
GGatekeepers (Trees by gateway.)16:02:2150
12Against fence. East side.16:09:4910
11Path junction.16:11:2515
B1Power boost 1.16:14:320
DFlag Pipes (Flagpole.)No Time50
COn The Run (Pond.)No Time50
04Under footbridge.No Time10
BChicken Run (End of track.)No Time50
03Lone tree.No Time20
AAirforce One (Layby. South side.)No Time50

Route map

Sunday: Minefield
Number Zone Time Points
N6No Man's Land09:35:5725
N8No Man's Land09:41:3425
N10No Man's Land09:44:0025
N1No Man's Land09:45:2825
N7No Man's Land10:05:3625
W10The War Path10:10:1025
N2No Man's Land10:18:1825
W9The War Path10:22:5925
W8The War Path10:30:3325
W7The War Path10:42:0125
W6The War Path11:03:2125
W5The War Path11:05:5525
W4The War Path11:10:5625
W3The War Path11:16:3925
W2The War Path11:24:4125
W1The War Path11:29:2525
U10Urban Territory11:48:5925
U9Urban Territory11:55:2825
U5Urban Territory12:04:2725
U4Urban Territory12:09:4425
U2Urban Territory12:12:0125
U1Urban Territory12:15:2625
U3Urban Territory12:18:0925
U6Urban Territory12:22:3525
U7Urban Territory12:25:4425
U8Urban Territory12:36:2025
PADDYPaddy The Parrot12:57:1560
N3No Man's LandNo Time25
Sunday: Storm The Fort
Start time End time DurationRankingPoints
09:57:0209:59:2202:20 4 388

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