Autumn 2013 Results

Team 12th

Halifax Sea Scouts
West Yorkshire

Team Photo
Event Overview
Event Points
Friday: Enemy Beacons340
Saturday: Gaining Ground1330
Sunday: Minefield810
Sunday: Storm The Fort360
Finishing 1st out of 14
Friday: Enemy Beacons
Control Description Time Points
F10Pit in clearing.22:31:3510
F9Fence corner.22:32:4620
F12Against fence. East side.22:34:3230
F11Path junction.22:37:3740
F8Concrete plinth.22:44:3810
F10Pit in clearing.22:53:1110
F9Fence corner.22:54:1320
F12Against fence. East side.22:55:5430
F11Path junction.22:58:2340
F8Concrete plinth.23:03:0710
F10Pit in clearing.23:09:2810
F9Fence corner.23:10:2720
F12Against fence. East side.23:12:1030
F11Path junction.23:14:1540
F8Concrete plinth.23:19:2610
F8Concrete plinth.23:26:5710
Saturday: Gaining Ground
Start time End time DurationDistanceAverage speed
11:18:5917:13:51 05:54:52 16 km 2.7 km/h
Control Description Time Points
EKeeping A Log (Wooded area.)11:27:5550
19Cluster of trees. North edge.11:37:4625
HIsland Attack (Large boggy pond.)11:45:5050
23Enclosure. South-west corner.11:53:4620
B2Power boost 2.11:55:530
JOn Target (Shooting range.)12:13:0250
FAim And Fire (Open ground by car park.)12:19:2350
18Twin trunk tree.12:22:4130
14Behind golf tee.12:28:5820
17Fence by gateway.12:32:5615
21Small pit.12:37:5830
25Large shelter. North end.13:02:4520
27Fence corner.13:15:5730
28Fence corner.13:24:3230
MTake Shelter (Large metal shelter.)13:43:2450
29Path junction. Up tree.13:47:5225
26Small pond. West end.13:59:1425
KBletchley (Concrete bunker.)14:19:4850
LBarrow Boy (By watch-tower.)14:45:1950
30Small dip.14:48:4530
24Drainage ditch.14:55:1725
22Fence by gateway.15:01:0720
15Tree by path junction.15:08:2125
GGatekeepers (Trees by gateway.)15:48:2250
20By gate.15:59:2825
16Fence. South-west corner.16:02:2525
13Fence. North-east corner.16:06:0520
B1Power boost 1.16:09:450
DFlag Pipes (Flagpole.)16:18:4350
COn The Run (Pond.)16:40:3150
BChicken Run (End of track.)No Time50
03Lone tree.No Time20
AAirforce One (Layby. South side.)No Time50
01Up tree.No Time25
02Cluster of trees.No Time30
05Silver tree.No Time15

Route map

Sunday: Minefield
Number Zone Time Points
U3Urban Territory09:43:0225
U1Urban Territory09:46:0325
U2Urban Territory09:48:4525
U4Urban Territory09:51:0725
U5Urban Territory09:55:1825
U6Urban Territory10:03:0925
U8Urban Territory10:10:0425
U10Urban Territory10:14:5425
PADDYPaddy The Parrot10:19:0460
U7Urban Territory10:31:2525
U9Urban Territory10:44:0125
W1The War Path10:54:2625
W2The War Path10:58:0725
W3The War Path11:04:2025
W4The War Path11:08:1525
W5The War Path11:14:5325
W6The War Path11:21:2325
W7The War Path11:24:0625
W8The War Path11:33:1725
W9The War Path11:40:1725
N7No Man's Land11:49:0325
N1No Man's Land11:50:4125
N8No Man's Land11:55:0525
N10No Man's Land11:56:1125
N2No Man's Land11:58:5525
N3No Man's Land12:00:2825
N4No Man's Land12:11:3825
N5No Man's Land12:13:1825
N9No Man's Land12:23:4825
W10The War Path12:38:3925
N6No Man's LandNo Time25
Sunday: Storm The Fort
Start time End time DurationRankingPoints
12:56:0012:59:0003:00 11 360

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