Spring 2008 Results


ICBINV Network (Derbyshire)

Team Photo
Start time End time DurationDistanceAverage speed
20:05:5002:00:545:5510.05 km 1.70 km/h

You collected points by completing 12 of the main activity bases including Delve of Doom and Go Chimp!. You returned within the six hours allowed, so avoided getting any time penalties.

Control DescriptionTimePoints
01Path crossing20:08:375
EDelve of Doom (Clearing North of forest road)20:13:0950
02Road junction20:14:555
03Eastern path crossing20:17:0810
14Vegetation boundary20:21:425
16Small hill (knoll) - South West side20:27:1210
15Gully crossing20:32:5925
HGo Chimp! (Open ground by forest road)20:42:0350
13Gully junction20:50:5615
KAscension (Railway bridge - 100m East of map circle)21:07:1350
LBlood, Sweat and Gears (Woodland West of forest road)21:21:5350
27By earthwall21:28:2320
POff The Rails (Bridge over disused railway)21:41:3250
RMower Motors (Forest track)22:25:2550
29Alongside footpath22:36:3630
QFlash Sing (Open ground South of forest road)22:51:2050
NTop Of The Pops (Mixed woodland by forest road)23:14:2350
24Small hill (knoll)23:19:2315
20Fence corner23:38:0210
FZipline (South of forest road)00:06:3050
21On slope among trees00:21:4815
05South of small pond00:27:245
11Small hill (knoll)00:32:2010
DChild's Play (Playground South of forest road)00:51:4050
08Vehicle track - North side01:06:465
AOn Target (Woodland North of track junction)01:20:2050
BBig Bounce (BBQ car park)01:36:4450
07Vehicle track - East side01:52:475

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