Spring 2010 Results


Radford Rhinos ESU (City Of Coventry)

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Start time End time DurationDistanceAverage speed
20:03:0801:59:43 05:56:35 11.82 km 1.99 km/h

You collected points by completing 13 of the main activity bases including Delve of Doom. You returned within the six hours allowed, so avoided getting any time penalties. You managed to evade capture by the Apex Chasers which would have cost you 25 points for each time caught.

Control DescriptionTimePoints
04Path crossing.20:06:215
CDelve of Doom (Small clearing.)20:17:0750
EMega Assault (Field Corner.)20:30:5250
FAttached! (Small shelter in woods.)20:44:5750
11Vegetation boundary.20:50:1810
HRollercoaster (Mixed woodland by forest road.)20:56:5050
15Small hill (knoll) - South-West side.20:59:0710
17Gully crossing.21:02:5720
JThe Climb (Disused railway bridge.)21:30:3850
KBlood, Sweat & Gears (Mixed woodland by forest road.)21:45:2050
PBlack Box (Disused railway bridge.)22:42:3350
27Small dip in ground (depression).22:50:3230
29Against fence.23:17:5430
28Beside small path.23:32:1425
30Under pylon.23:41:4730
RFlying Saucers (Open ground East of forest road.)23:56:4050
26Fence corner.00:00:2225
NQuack Castle (Beside forest road.)00:31:0250
22Small valley.00:39:1715
MGiant Logic (Rough ground East of forest track.)00:49:4250
GTerror Island (Area around pond.)01:11:2450
08Path junction.01:19:0715
DVirtual Caving (Open ground beside forest road.)01:34:1650
06South of small pond.01:38:165
05Small hill (knoll).01:41:3210
BOn the Ropes (Playground South of forest road.)01:55:2450
03Top of spiders' web.01:58:225

Route map

Map © Nottinghamshire Orienteering Club and reproduced with their permission. Survey: D & P Olivant September 2008 to February 2009. Cartography: D Olivant September 2008 to February 2009. Based on the Ordnance Survey mapping with the permission of the Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office. © Crown Copyright. Licence No. 43423U. BOF Registration No. EM-08-456.

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