Spring 2013 Results

Facts and Figures

This table shows how many teams made it to each of the activities and control points.

Activity Bases
Description Points Number of visits
ABouncing Bombs (Small clearing.)5067
BBig Bungee (Beside forest road.)5051
CChild's Play (Playground south of forest road.)5083
DCastle Siege (Forest clearing.)5071
EInflation (By track junction.)5078
FBuzzin' (Woodland east of forest road.)5071
GGoaaaaaaal! (Rough ground north of forest road.)5079
HThe Climb (Disused railway bridge.)5062
JCaterpillar Tracks (Open ground by track crossroads.)5066
KWild West (East of forest road.)5086
LMud, Sweat and Gears (East of forest road.)5078
MBounce Back (Path junction.)5066

N.B. There was no base I to avoid confusion with number 1.

Control Points
Control Description Points Number of visits
01Vehicle track, east side.100
02Path crossing.1015
03Top of spider's web.559
04Small clearing, north side.543
05Small hill (knoll).1030
06South of small pond.561
07On slope among trees.1025
08Path junction, by marker post.1530
09Road/path junction.1048
11Vegetation boundary.1053
12Small dip in ground (depression).156
14North of footpath.2011
15Small hill (knoll), south-west side.1037
16Large dip in ground (depression).157
17Gully crossing.2024
18Small hill (knoll).208
19Fence corner.2017
20Small forest clearing.2019
21By earthwall.1522
22Small valley.1540
23Alongside footpath.2038
24Dip in ground (depression).2020
25Small pit.2511
26Fence corner.256
27Small dip in ground (depression).3014
28Path junction.2532
29Against fence.3010
30Under pylon.3024
B1Tree, west of path.068
B2Path junction.059

Event Map

Event Map

Map © Nottinghamshire Orienteering Club and reproduced with their permission. Survey: D & P Olivant September 2008 to February 2009. Cartography: D Olivant September 2008 to February 2009. Based on the Ordnance Survey mapping with the permission of the Controller of Her Majesty’s Stationery Office. © Crown Copyright. Licence No. 43423U. BOF Registration No. EM-08-456.

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