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Spring 2006 event - Facts and figures

Our 14 main activity bases have never been busier. In total there were well over 500 visits to them, with many able to cope with more than one team at once. The busiest was the bouncy castle at Base L which received 52 of the 63 teams. The organisers of the virtual caving challenge at Base G had the quietest night, only entertaining 25 teams. 24 made it to Base P which was just an extra 50 points for finding it with no activity. And while only 31 teams made it to the Zipline activity, those that did were so impressed with it that it won the award for Favourite Activity Base.

The tables below tell you how many teams made it to each of the main activity bases as well as the other controls.

Main Activity Bases
Number of Visits
A Fun Of The Fair
(Near track crossroads.)
B Good Grasp
(Small pond in clearing.)
C On The Ropes
(Near road and path crossroads.)
D Zipline
(Wooded slope South of forest road.)
E Unlucky Dip
(Near track crossroads.)
F Wet And Wild
(Small pond.)
G Virtual Caving
(Railway bridge. 100m West of marker.)
H Wet Wangers
(Junction of path with forest road.)
J Dual Descender
(Small footpath by forest road.)
K Laser Louts
(Clearing West of footpath.)
L Big Bounce
(North of forest road.)
M Welly Wanging
(50 metres East of forest road.)
N Piece By Piece
(Track junction.)
P Treat In The Trees
(In woods West of forest road.)

N.B. There was no base I to avoid confusion with number 1

Other Control Points
Number of Visits
1 Path crossing. 5 24
2 Road junction. 5 48
3 Eastern path crossing. 10 21
4 Road / path junction. 5 17
5 South of small pond. 5 42
6 Path crossing. 10 26
7 Vehicle track - East side. 5 26
8 Vehicle track - North side. 5 25
9 Building - South-East side. 5 23
10 Forest corner. Up tree. 15 10
11 Small hill (knoll). 10 21
12 Clearing. 20 26
13 Gully junction. 15 31
14 Vegetation boundary. 5 32
15 Gully crossing. 25 6
16 Small hill (knoll) - South West side. 10 10
17 Large dip in ground (depression). 10 24
18 Small dip in ground (depression). 10 4
19 Gully. 10 5
20 Fence corner. 10 29
21 On slope among trees. 15 8
22 North of footpath. 15 8
23 Corner of forest clearing. 20 16
24 Small hill (knoll). 15 8
25 Small valley. 10 20
26 Small forest clearing. 20 6
27 By eathwall. 20 16
28 Junction of vague paths. 30 10
29 Alongside footpath. 30 18
30 Dip in ground (depression). 30 28

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