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Spring 2015 Facts and Figures

This table shows how many teams made it to each of the activity bases and other controls.

Activity Bases
Base Description Points Number of Visits
AChickin Lickin' (Most easterly pond)5079
BDark Water (Lake)5051
COn The Ropes (Old quarry)5060
DCave On The Go (Double gates)5069
EWoodland Wonder (Small plantation)5058
FOn Target (Field corner)5069
GSupersledge (Grassy slope)5066
HBullseye! (Woodland track)5077
JPopstars (Disused water tower)5089
KCommercial Break (Roundhouse)5087
LKeeping a Log (Track over stream)5068
MUXB (Edge of field)5063
NFlag Pipes (Track over stream)5078
PTemple Of Doom (Mysterious temple)5060

N.B. There were no bases I or O to avoid confusion with numbers 1, 0 and letter D.

Control Points
Base Description Points Number of Visits
01Group of trees1528
02Fence corner1013
03Log over stream1035
04Below rocky outcrop1022
05Gas post1519
06Up tree551
07Charred tree stump536
08Stream bend2522
09Fallen trees1527
10Up tree548
11Exposed tree roots2049
12Wooden fence corner576
13Under bridge1029
15Ruined building1538
17Dip in ground1061
19Fallen log2012
20Largest tree1533
21Pond, south side1563
22Brick foundations2534
23Obelisk, west side1579
24Large trees by gate2549
25Stream junction2536
26Brick foundations3045
27Watery hole in the wall2045
29Under pylon, south side2530
30Under pylon, east side3030
B1Bonus control 1069
B2Bonus control 2066
X1 Chaser 1-256
X2 Chaser 2-254
X3 Chaser 3-254
X4 Chaser 4-257

Event Map

Event map

Reproduced from the 2010 Explorer 289 map, by permission of Ordnance Survey on behalf of the controller of Her Majesty's Stationery Office.

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