Scout on ladder. Read how we pack three days full of Apex adventure

Scout climbing over inflatable. Look back at all our previous events

Scout reaching for control. See all the action from our 2018 event at Bramham Park

Autumn 2018 winners. Check out which teams head up the winners' hall of fame

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Annual Report

We always hoped you would never find this page. Maybe you clicked a link and the page we were supposed to send you to doesn't exist or now has a different name. We're always moving things round and sometimes we don't do it as well as we should which leaves you landing on here.

Instead of staying here you should probably get back to reading about the ultimate adventure that is the Apex Challenge. Here are some links to help you (and fingers crossed they will work this time!):

About the Apex Challenge.

About the Apex

Find out what the Apex Challenge is and why you should take part.

Next event details

Next event details

Find out when our next event takes place and how to book your place.

Past event details

View previous events

Look back at all our past events dating back to 2002.

You can also go back to our front page to carry on exploring the website or use the link at the top of the page to search.

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