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What is the Apex Challenge?

What is Apex

Every Apex Challenge event is different. Each location presents a chance to create new activities and more thrilling ways to challenge those taking part. Some events last a day. Others take place overnight or even across a whole weekend.

All our competitions have one thing in common. They are among the toughest Scout adventure competitions in the UK that will test your speed, agility and teamwork to the limit. But don't just take our word for it. Watch this...

A typical event

We work really hard to make sure each event is different with new challenges and bigger surprises but there is something about each event that still makes it feel very 'Apex'. You will be greeted as you arrive to pitch up your tents and invited to sign in at event centre surrounded by images and from previous events to get you in ready for what coming up. There is then time to meet the rest of the teams before everyone gets together for the dramatic event briefing.

As you set off on the main event you will have up to seven hours to locate and complete as many thrilling activity bases to collect Apex points as you can. These could include things like rock climbing, abseiling, archery and assault courses often all with a unique twist. Other surprises have included sheep herding, virtual caving, human catapults and cannon firing!

You can top up your score by navigating to a series of other control points, sometimes with the threat of the Apex chasers lurking in the playing area trying to steal your points away. Strict time penalties are enforced so the whole event is a race against the clock to make it back to event centre.

By the end of the event the technology kicks in and the scores will be added up, route maps generated for each team and a live results presentation staged to announce the all important points totals and winners. You will also see the hundreds of photos that have been taken during the weekend which are also uploaded immediately to Facebook ready for you to see and share.

Apex Overnight Challenge

This competition runs through the night. The darkness makes navigation even harder and the Apex chasers more difficult to spot. It's a format which is currently being rested as we concentrate on staging one big event each year.

Apex Extreme

Perhaps the most challenging weekend of your life! Often staged in the autumn, this three day competition includes extra challenges on Friday night and Sunday morning as well as the main event.

Apex Intense

The Apex Challenge condensed into just a few minutes and taken to other events to give a taster of what to expect at an Apex Challenge event.

Apex Daytime Challenge

The original Apex format was retired in 2006. The one-day event involved teams arriving, competing and leaving in just one day. It's a format that could return in the future.

Planning the events

Apex Challenge events are open to young people of all abilities and we are able to adapt the event to allow those with specific needs or disabilities to take part as fully as possible.

The competitions are among the most popular in the country, using a digital scoring system to track teams. They are run by a dedicated team of Scout leaders from South Yorkshire and more then 80 volunteers as part of a Scout Active Support unit linking the charity which runs the events to the Scout county of South Yorkshire where many of our team are based.

Moutain Training Association

The event's leading organiser, Matt Richards, became a full member of the Mountain Training Association in early 2010 after gaining several outdoor instructing awards. All our events are planned following the guidelines set down by the national governing bodies.

The Apex Challenge is a registered charity and funds events through entry fees and sponsorship.

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