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Autumn 2010 Event - Facts and figures

These tables show how many teams made it to each of the activity bases and other controls.

Friday Control Points
Number of Visits
F01Against wall (in trees).400
F02North of river.306
F03Wall corner, under tree.600
F04Sourth of river.6075
F05Under footbridge.20146
F06Up tree, North of path.4016
F07Among rocks.8018
F08Stream bend.6036
F09Wall corner.1081
F10On wooded slope, up tree.5033

Friday Apex Intense Map

Event Map

Saturday Activity Bases
Number of Visits
AOn Target (Field below car park.)5060
BSharp Shooter (Campside by river, East end.)5061
CFire Raft (River bed, West of small clearing.)5050
DCastle Rocks (Castle Rocks.)5068
EChasm Of Doom (Lud's Church. Enter from North end.)5028
FTake A Seat (South of ford.)5065
GThe Claw (Rocky outcrop - Gradbach Hill.)5034
HOn The Rocks (Rocky outcrop - Back Forest.)5047
JGo Ape(x) (Path junction in woods.)5068
KGo Ballistic (Small footbridge over stream.)5043
LCornered (Open moorland by road corner.)5064
MThe Climb (Crag. South of trig point.)5056
NGet Down (Crag above trees.)5057
PHoly Water (Stream, West of road.)5057

N.B. There was no base I to avoid confusion with number 1 or base O to avoid confusion with letter D.

Saturday Control Points
Number of Visits
01Against wall (in trees).1011
02Wall corner, SW side.1023
03Wall corner, under tree.1515
04Metal shelter, by gate.2042
05Under footbridge.576
06Among rocks.1042
07Under rocks, East end of crags.2529
08Stream bend.560
09Wall corner.528
10Below largest rock.2529
11Large flat rock, South side.2033
12Stream bend.2050
13Beside track.2020
14Lone tree.2038
15Tree on slope. East of path.2544
16Under rocky outcrop.1545
17Large boulder beside road.2061
18Inside derelict building2044
19Against wall.2551
20Stream bend.3052
21Among rocks, East of path.2544
22Rocks, East of Doxey Pool.3044

Saturday Main Event Map

Event Map

On Sunday teams had to try to catch 20 fugitives hiding in three different zones:

Sunday Find the Fugitives
Number of Visits
01Alf A. Romeo (Zone 1)3030
02Barb Dwyer (Zone 1)304
03Chris P. Bacon (Zone 1)3017
04Dan Saul Knight (Zone 1)3057
05Earl Lee Riser (Zone 1)3017
06Forrest Green (Zone 1)3047
07Gene Poole (Zone 2)2556
08Hugh Jass (Zone 2)2533
09Ivan Oder (Zone 2)2550
10Jed Dye (Zone 2)2538
11Kent C. Strait (Zone 2)2563
12Laura Norder (Zone 2)2546
13Mark Skid (Zone 2)2544
14Nick O. Time (Zone 3)2020
15Oliver Sutton (Zone 3)2043
16P. Ness (Zone 3)2021
17Russell Leeves (Zone 3)2041
18Stan Still (Zone 3)2040
19Tim Burr (Zone 3)2044
20Warren Peace (Zone 3)2046

Sunday Apex Apocalypse Map

Event Map

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