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Autumn 2010 event - Results

Here is a summary of how each team performed. For more details check out each of their individual results pages which contains a full breakdown of the activities they completed and the controls they visited as well as their route plotted on a map and their official team photo.

Explorer Competition
Team Name Scout Group County
1Team MarineEXU South Yorkshire2492
2Hannah And Her Merry MenWoodseats Scout Unit South Yorkshire2094
3The Forgotten SmurfsTame Valley Explorers Greater Manchester East2016
4ApolloApollo ESU Leicestershire2010
5ApricotsRadford Rhinos ESU City Of Coventry1965
6Rods Of SteelWoodseats Scout Unit South Yorkshire1964
7Salfordians Don't Get LostSalford District Explorers Greater Manchester West1938
84 Boys 1 TentSir Edmund 'X' Unit South Yorkshire1874
9The Good, The Bad And The UglyPhoenix ESU (Doncaster Danum) South Yorkshire1771
10You Just Lost The GameThe Goonies ESU Central Yorkshire1733
11Ramraiders 2Onchan District Explorer Unit Isle of Man1573
12BrickUEXB Explorers South Yorkshire1567
13Headless ChickensTame Valley Explorers Greater Manchester East1501
14Jonty's All StarsScorpion Explorers South Yorkshire1499
15BigglesSabre Explorer Scouts Greater Manchester East1486
16Vulture SquadronDenbigh Explorers Clwyd1471
17Mad Cow 1Otley Mad Cow Explorers West Yorkshire1448
18LobsterHelios ESU Derbyshire1435
19Southern StarsChristchurch (NYERI) ESU Dorset1403
20When We Ordered A Chinese...Viking Explorer Unit South Yorkshire1401
21Aire Valley 2Aire Valley Explorers West Yorkshire1341
22Fudge Lobster ExpressHelios ESU Derbyshire1338
23Pirates IncGleadless Explorers South Yorkshire1316
24The Fellowship Of KynanGemini ESU Nottinghamshire1303
25Not Foreign, Just SouthernTwo Tons Cambridgeshire1297
26Heron Crocodile Bracket DestructionBarnsley Explorer Unit South Yorkshire1290
27Cute & ConfusedMolescroft Explorer Unit Humberside1287
28Power Puff Girls Eat PieCaludon District Explorers (Minotaur Unit) City Of Coventry1287
29Minotaurs Eat PieCaludon District Explorers (Minotaur Unit) City Of Coventry1274
30Ask JeevesSabre Explorer Scouts Greater Manchester East1270
31Phoenix KnightsPhoenix ESU Derbyshire1261
32Gemini PolluxGemini ESU Nottinghamshire1210
33Aire Valley 3Aire Valley Explorers West Yorkshire1207
34Go TeamRadford Rhinos ESU City Of Coventry1191
35The 4 SkinsUEXB Explorers South Yorkshire1179
36Follow The SheepHelios ESU Derbyshire1177
37SpoooodBarnsley Explorer Unit South Yorkshire1157
38Team BruceBarnsley Explorer Unit South Yorkshire1133
39Test My Ecles Now They've DroppedOrion Explorer Scout Unit Solihull1121
40Hornsea JestersHornsea Explorers Humberside1112
41Wait Erm... Where's North?Phoenix ESU South Yorkshire1106
42Cold & ConfusedMolescroft Explorer Unit Humberside1099
43Fully ChargedRadford Rhinos ESU City Of Coventry1075
44Hornsea DragonsHornsea Explorers Humberside1060
45Team BTwo Tons Cambridgeshire1049
46Have A StoneAtherstone District ESU Warwickshire1033
47I Don't Know Where To Put ItSir Edmund 'X' Unit South Yorkshire1019
48Spen 1Spen Valley Explorers Unit West Yorkshire1002
49The 4 MusketeersSir Edmund 'X' Unit South Yorkshire977
50Go Team DaveDon District Explorer Scouts South Yorkshire934
51Mad Cow 2Otley Mad Cow Explorers West Yorkshire925
52Peg ;)Pegasus Explorer Scout Unit South Yorkshire913
53Maggie's Mud LarksSt. Margaret ESU Humberside910
54Hornsea Whipcracker FairiesHornsea Explorers Humberside901
55Phoenix FlyersPhoenix ESU Derbyshire893
56MagellanMagellan ESU Leicestershire879
57Aire Valley 1Aire Valley Explorers West Yorkshire865
58Your MumPolaris Explorers Derbyshire844
59Space CadetsEXu South Yorkshire840
60Shy TedsPolaris Explorers Derbyshire788
61We're ScrewedRotherham Explorers South Yorkshire788
62Apex VirginsGemini ESU Nottinghamshire785
63Redheads UniteSir Edmund 'X' Unit South Yorkshire773
64The Outcasts That WorkSir Edmund 'X' Unit South Yorkshire683
65Chocolate MusketeersDon District Explorer Scouts South Yorkshire556
66Chuneg Fu Charlie ReturnsOrion Explorer Scout Unit Solihull482
67K.Phoenix ESU South Yorkshire410
Network Competition
Team Name Scout Group County
1Kiss My DonkeyS.Y.D.Net South Yorkshire2075
2ICBINV ICBINV Network Derbyshire1762
3Meat & 2 VegS Y Network South Yorkshire1758
4Alpha Wolf SquadronExu Network South Yorkshire1710
5Stainless 1Stainless Network South Yorkshire1629
6Sugar Honey Ice TeaGrantham And District Lincolnshire1578
7Cumberland SausagesHoosiders ESu & Eden District Network Cumbria1434
8Brew CrewS.Y.D.Net South Yorkshire1202
9That's What She SaidSalford Network Greater Manchester West1152
10VikingsViking Network Hampshire992
11Stainless 2Stainless Network South Yorkshire719

Check out our full analysis of which were the most popular activity bases, how many people went to each one, and which punch controls were just too well hidden for any teams to find!