Spring 2011 Results

Here is a summary of how each team performed. For more details check out each of their individual results pages which contains a full breakdown of the activities they completed and the controls they visited as well as their route plotted on a map and their official team photo.

Explorer Competition
Team Name Unit Name County
1Hannah And Her Merry MenWoodseats Venture UnitSouth Yorkshire990
2118 118 118Phoenix ESUSouth Yorkshire940
3Remember The Smurfs ?Tame Valley ExplorersGreater Manchester East830
4ApricotsRadford Rhinos ESUCity of Coventry820
5Alice's WonderlandMarket Weighton ExplorersHumberside820
6What Happens On Apex...Salford District ExplorersGreater Manchester West775
7BrickUEXB ExplorersSouth Yorkshire760
8Donald Quacktastic JeromeDraco ESUDerbyshire745
9Test My Ecles Now They DroppedOrion Explorer Scout UnitSolihull705
10Rufford 2Rufford ExplorersNottinghamshire690
11Ayers XtremeAyers Explorer Scout UnitCumbria690
12SMOJ!!!Woodseats Venture UnitSouth Yorkshire680
13It's Past Our BedtimeGemini ExplorersNottinghamshire675
14Bandersnatch 1Bandersnatch ESUGalloway660
15ArmstrongArmstrong ESULeicestershire660
16But Not the HippopotamusNorfolk District ExplorersSouth Yorkshire650
17The NipplePhoenix ESUWest Lancashire625
18RhinosRadford Rhinos ESUCity of Coventry620
19We've Just Manned UpPheonixCity of Coventry620
20Sofa King AwesomeHelios ESUDerbyshire620
22Callum and his JiffacakesTwo Tons ESUCambridgeshire600
23ShamblesPeak District ShamblesDerbyshire598
24Endurance 3Endurance ESULeicestershire590
25LobsterHelios ESUDerbyshire580
26Bandersnatch 2Bandersnatch ESUGalloway580
27SeasidersChristchurch (Nyeri) ESUDorset575
28Won Hung LoGemini ExplorersNottinghamshire575
29Go TeamRadford Rhinos ESUCity of Coventry575
30It's For Our SolesAyers Explorer Scout UnitCumbria570
31I Like TrainsHelios ESUDerbyshire568
32Hornsea Whipcracker FairiesHornsea Explorer GroupHumberside565
33Compare The MeerkatsMolescroft Explorer UnitHumberside560
34The Gable EndsSouth Holderness ExplorersHumberside550
35Mafeking WarriorsWillingtonDerbyshire550
36SsssssssshhhhhhhhDraco ESUDerbyshire545
37Super Lobster!!!!Helios ESUDerbyshire530
38Endurance 5Endurance ESULeicestershire530
39Thunder DucksApollo ESULeicestershire505
40We're ScrewedRotherham ExplorersSouth Yorkshire500
41Hugglescote YLHugglescoteLeicestershire500
42You Make Me Cream... CakeGleadless ExplorersSouth Yorkshire485
43WESSTEndurance ESULeicestershire485
44Rufford 1Rufford ExplorersNottinghamshire480
45We Just Don't Do SimpleNorfolk District ExplorersSouth Yorkshire475
46Hornsea JestersHornsea Explorer GroupHumberside470
47Endurance 2Endurance ESULeicestershire465
48Chung Fu Charlie Yes AgainOrion Explorer Scout UnitSolihull460
49Wiser PrankersPolaris Explorer ScoutsDerbyshire445
50Hornsea DragonsHornsea Explorer GroupHumberside440
51XylophobiacsAyers Explorer Scout UnitCumbria430
52Southern StarsChristchurch (Nyeri) ESUDorset425
53Do It Like A NinjaPhoenix ESUSouth Yorkshire420
54Pen IslandDon District ESUSouth Yorkshire410
55CobrasBablake District ExplorersCity of Coventry405
56Anvil Team 3Anvil ESUSouth Yorkshire405
57Team BTwo Tons ESUCambridgeshire405
58Feet FirstNomads ESULincolnshire385
59UnicsBablake District ExplorersCity of Coventry375
60Endurance 4Endurance ESULeicestershire375
61Scouting for GirlsAyers Explorer Scout UnitCumbria375
62Barnsley Meths Team 1Barnsley Explorer Unit (Meths)South Yorkshire375
63The Nucleatic ExplorersMolescroft Explorer UnitHumberside375
644 KinsSalford District ExplorersGreater Manchester West375
65Hornsea BanditsHornsea Explorer GroupHumberside370
66The Bone CollectorsDraco ESUDerbyshire365
67Chung Fu CharlieOrion Explorer Scout UnitSolihull355
68S.A.V.E.Apollo ESULeicestershire355
69Dizzy DancersDraco ESUDerbyshire330
70Barnsley Meths Team 2Barnsley Explorer Unit (Meths)South Yorkshire315
71I Got An A In PhysicalPeak District ExplorersDerbyshire315
72Huw, Janus And FriendsApollo ESULeicestershire310
73Apollo 2Apollo ESULeicestershire310
74Mmm, Tastes Like ChickenGemini ExplorersNottinghamshire295
75Fire Breathing Rubber DuckiesDon District ESUSouth Yorkshire275
76Champion Brick LayersAnvil ESUSouth Yorkshire260
77Phoenix KnightsPhoenix ESUDerbyshire255
Network Competition
Team Name Unit Name County
1ICBINV NetworkICBINV NetworkDerbyshire970
2Haley's Hair NetWharncliffe NetworkSouth Yorkshire815
3Search For The Holy ApexPhoenixSouth Yorkshire740
4Xtreme TeamAyers NetworkCumbria690
5B TeamWharncliffe NetworkSouth Yorkshire685
6StainlessStainless NetworkSouth Yorkshire585
7Superior To MethsTame ValleyGreater Manchester East535
8LemonsNomads NetworkLincolnshire525
9W.T.C.O.T.H.....It's JesusGrandnet Network GroupLincolnshire350
10Silverwood NetworkSilverwood Network BarnsleySouth Yorkshire315
11The Wizard SleevesApollo and Armstrong NetworkLeicestershire220

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